Elissa Gabriella Photography.   A  photographic journey.

Here you’ll find what inspires me to capture the world one moment at a time with my  Canons.  Photography isn’t a field I set out to do professionally, it’s an art that found me while I was busy working a career I desperately needed to escape from.

It wasn’t until I started blogging about the life I share with my traveling chef husband, that I discovered my passion for photography.  It’s allowed me to capture the places we’ve been, the friendships we’ve made, the adventures we’ve experienced and the memories we continue to make along this journey in life.  Our dear daughter is now my muse.   390

All photos © elissa gabriella photography.  All rights reserved.  All imagines herein are the copyrighted work of the photographer.  No unauthorized use, or any form of reproduction is allowed.

Photos can be seen on the blog:  The Traveling Pear

or on the website:  Chasing French History

 Published work can be seen in: Belle Inspiration Magazine, Bell Inspiration WebsiteParisienne Farmgirl Magazine, Girls Guide to Paris Facebook Cover and Magazine.  Islander Magazine and Oyster River Winery Facebook Page.       Photography Monthly Photo of the Day , 2014 issue of Moon Metro Paris and on the cover of the 2015 Moon Living Abroad: France.